Makers, Thinkers, Growers, Hoosiers:

We’re still getting numbers in from around the city and awaiting national totals; once those are in, we’ll see this page updated once more before the site goes into its traditional post-Movember hibernation. In the mean time, let’s use this as an opportunity to thank every one of you for participating with us this year! We saw some amazing costumes, mustaches, and conversations pass through our events – and the generosity in Indy never fails to surprise and impress us. We’re incredibly grateful to be in such a good-spirited and philanthropically-engaged community – you make volunteering for this job a no-brainer year after year.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you once again for making this Movember better than ever! We’re proud of everything we accomplished with #MoIndy14; from broadening our alignments with local businesses and organizations, to new avenues to fundraise for the cause, to the conversations we had at every public appearance raising awareness for issues that effect men’s health, this year was another excellent chapter in the history of Movember and Movember Indy!

We look forward to updating you again with the details of this year’s accomplishments, and returning in 2015 to do things even bigger and better!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

The Movember Indy Committee…


Friends, its been another wonderful month full of fun, irreverence, food, drink, fitness, amazing donations, inspired awareness, and a plethora of furry faces!  While the calendar month has ended, here in Indiana, Movember still has just under a week left to go, so don’t shave that upper lip just yet!  Stick it out just a few more days so you and your ‘stache can strut your stuff this Friday at the MOVEMBER INDY MONTH END GALA PARTÉ!*

* See that accented “E” instead of a “Y”?  That’s how you know it’s gonna be good.

The kind folks at The Speak Easy are hosting us again this year, and if you weren’t there last year to know this first-hand, was a roaring good time!  Check out the video below that our friends at MediaFuel put together to recap the fun!

We’ve spent 30 long days looking epic and/or ridiculous (depending on the variety of Mo you grow) in our efforts to change the face of men’s health; that deserves a bit of a party, doesn’t it?  Join us from 7:00pm – 11:00pm on Friday, December 5th to both contribute to and enjoy the success of another fantastic Movember!

This year should be better than ever!  We’ll have craft beer from all over the state, local food trucks serving some delicious eats, costumes left and right, a live DJ keeping the party going, raffles and auction items donated from your favorite local organizations, prizes to be won, and – of course- the finest and most accomplished Mos the state of Indiana has to offer!  Best of all – proceeds from all of these things benefit Movember!

So join us for one last hirsute hurrah this year! Tickets are only $10 (100% of which also goes to Movember!) – view our Events Page for more details!

Get your ‘stache ready to party and we’ll see you this Friday!



You’ve spent the past few days soaking up family time, eating way more than you’re supposed to, relaxing away from work, and watching some football, right?  (Even if you’ve only done one of those things, you’re doing pretty great)

Friends, its time to dust off that ‘stache and get out of the house again!  Head down to the State Fairgrounds tonight to watch the Indy Fuel take on the Cincinnati Cyclones for MOVEMBER NIGHT!


Celebrate the culmination of November and Men’s Health Awareness with the Indy Fuel to help change the face of men’s health. The most popular “Mo Bros” over the course of the month will receive an opportunity to participate in the evening’s Shoot The Puck promotion! The first 2,000 mustache-challenged fans in attendance will receive a faux Indy Fuel mustache. A portion of the proceeds from the night will be donated to the Movember movement.

Saturday, Nov. 29
7:35 pm

Giveaway: Fake mustache
Group Theme: Public Safety Workers

The guys over at the Fuel have been great to work with this Movember – they’ve got a roster full of Mo Bros, have made public appearances at Movember Indy events, and best of all are putting thousands of dollars on the line with tonights Shoot the Puck promotion! We’re grateful for all their help this year – lets see how many mo-siblings we can get in the Coliseum tonight to show them some support in return!


Growing a mustache for Movember is about more than changing your shaving routine for a month. For that month that mustache, glorious or paltry as it might be, allows you to start conversations. Those conversations raise awareness and educate those that participate in them. That awareness and education can help save lives.

The Mo @ Sydney Harbour Bridge - Sydney, Australia
The Mo @ Sydney Harbour Bridge – Sydney, Australia

We here at Movember Indy are part of a world-wide effort. To help reinforce the scope of the global Movember movement, take a moment to peruse this coverage the Movember Foundation has put together, showcasing the Movember “Mo”s that have sprung up around the world!