Thank You, Indy!


Mo-Siblings, the numbers are in, and they are impressive.

Movember Indy has received the year-end tallies for 2013’s most-noble-of-months, and once again, your enthusiasm, generosity, and dedication humble every member of this dedicated committee.  Here’s a quick run down:

  • Statewide participation soared past the 3K mark, with 3,303 participating (An impressive gain over the 2,881 Hoosiers that participated last year!)
  • Indy’s growth deserves mention, too: having grown another 36% over last year’s total (which, you might remember, was also the 2nd-best-in-Nation for growth rates!)
  • Dollars-raised enjoyed great gains, too! Indy itself raised almost $114,000 of the state’s impressive total $174,000!
  • Nationally, these number contributed to the US arm of Movember raising over 22 MILLION DOLLARS to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG!

In short, you nailed it, Indy.  You put your best foot forward, and you fought the good fight.  And for that we thank you.  “We” being all of us here at Movember Indy, and “we” being every man, woman, and family whose lives will be positively impacted by the ripples of your generosity – we all thank you.

Of course, we should also take a moment to recognize our amazing partners, and every one mentioned at the end of our 2013 Gala Party video!  Without their kind contributions, many of our best efforts would still be nothing more than ideas on paper – they help make Movember Indy’s outreach and impact possible!

We come to the planning table every year full of ideas, lofty dreams, and excitement to see how we can improve upon the last year’s efforts.  The most exciting part, invariably, is seeing our beloved city and state come together to outperform even our most optimistic expectations.  You continue to amaze, Indy, and we can’t thank you enough for that.

With this message, will be hibernating for the next few months.  As Movember 2014 approaches, though, look for things to start livening up around here once again.  With results like these, we can’t wait for Mustache Season to return!

From the bottom of our hirsute hearts, THANK YOU, Indy!

- The Movember Indy Team

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